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Corporate and Civil Matters

If you are in debt, we can help…

Corporate and Civil Matters

Our team of attorneys and legal professionals will assist you through your legal entanglements with care and professionalism.


We handle all forms of civil and commercial lawsuits, including personal injury actions, breach of contract cases, collections and landlord-tenant matters. We represent clients in both State and Federal courts. Call for a free initial consultation. Some matters taken on a contingency fee basis (you only pay if we obtain a recovery on your behalf). Our offices are located at 8551 West Sunrise Blvd., Suite 303, Plantation, FL 33322.

Corporations and Other Business Entities

Individuals who operate their own businesses often choose to form a legal entity such as a corporation or limited liability company to operate the business. The incorporation process results in the creation of a new entity which is registered with the State. It may provide the owners of the business with protection from liability from the debts of the corporation and wrongful acts of employees. It also provides a convenient method for more than one individual to invest in the business and for the business to continue unchanged while ownership changes. The formation of a corporation also requires additional accounting work and state filings. Each business owner has to weigh the benefits of incorporation against additional costs.

Other alternatives for the operation of a business include sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited partnerships. We can assist you in setting up any of these entities, in preparing all the necessary documentation, maintaining the entity and in preparing shareholder or partnership agreements.


We can draft Florida contracts for you or your business or review contracts you have been asked to sign. We can prepare or review employment agreements, non-compete agreements, sales contracts and business agreements. Provisions in a contract that specify such things as the term of the agreement, termination provisions, and the parties rights on default, including attorneys fees, can significantly improve your protection. The initial cost of a properly prepared contract is usually small compared to the cost of a lawsuit over an ambiguous agreement. We also deal extensively in contract litigation and negotiation.


Florida law does not allow self-help or administrative foreclosures, so all actions to take real property must be through the court system. Many foreclosures also end up in Bankruptcy Court, so a knowledge of state law and bankruptcy law is helpful. We can handle all aspects of a foreclosure, including foreclosure defense.

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